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Summary of the novel


As a doctor of government, he visited Ayazma Farm owner Nazmi Bey while he was going on an inspection visit under the guidance of Doctor Kemal Bey Hacı İsmail Çavuş who came to Midilli Island. Nazmi Bey is a loved one who is likened to the prophet by his kindness in the whole island. Kemal Bey became a friend with Nazmi in a short time. However, Kemal Bey is appointed to Erzurum after four and a half months. After doing 2 and a half years there, he is assigned to Rhodes again. As soon as he starts work, he visits the island of Lesbos. On a foggy and rainy evening Nazmi Bey. Nazmi Bey is shaking in wet clothes. Kemal Bey takes Nazmi to his car and takes her to his hostel. Nazmi Bey insists on confessing his own life and suffering to Kemal Bey and starts to explain it.



Nazmi Bey is a child who doesn’t sleep on her day when she is little. When his mother died of typhoid from a young age, his father, a sickly man, settled down at the Ayazma Farm on the island of Mytilene. When he was 8, he sent him to Galatasaray. Nazmi spends her holidays with her uncle. His father dies. He starts to stay with his uncle.


Nazmi is a moving child who doesn’t fit. His uncle does his best for his education. Nazmi wants to be a soldier and enters Harbiye. Then he goes to France to complete his education. He has a little reputation for being adventurous and adventurous there. After returning to his hometown in Camlica for a few months to stay with his uncle. In the mansion, there is only Şükran and Gülizar kalfa and an old valet. In the autumn of that year they appointed Nazmi to Damascus. Because of the issues brought to Jerusalem is sent. He goes to Akka with a new duty due to his dauntiness there. From here it goes to the monastery. He stays here with his friend Abraham. Nazmi went to bid a friend of his former lover in the station, and after him goes to Istanbul. Then he was sent to France as a firemilitary. However, before going to September, he gets permission to stay with his uncle. Nukiye’nın Naciye’nın Neyiye Bey, Neyiye Bey’s husband Neyyir Bey is assassinated before Nazmi comes to the mansion but does not die. When he comes to the mansion he learns from Şükran the inner face of the incident. Naciye wanted to kill her husband (who has a flinging). Therefore, Naciye is involved in nerve disease. It’s autumn. Nazmi is closely interested in Jülide, the daughter of Naciye. Nazmi falls in love with Nazan who comes to visit the mansion and is friend of Thanksgiving. On the pretext of wandering Jülide, he goes to his villa and tells each other his feelings through Jülide. When he returns from Europe, they contract to marry.


The train to France is stopped in Edirne. Nazmi meets Abraham there. Abraham introduced him to Nusret Bey, the District Governor, whom he had heard earlier. Nazmi refuses to go to France and joins Abraham’s gang. Nusret Bey and his gang are ambushed. Nazmi is wounded, Abraham stays in the hospital. He understands the letters of his uncle and Naciye from the letter written by Şükran. Nazmi goes to the mansion in Çamlıca after she leaves the hospital and she receives Thanksgiving treatment for her illness. Due to Nazmi disease, he has to leave his military service. Nazan finishes his relationship with him because of Nazmi’s illness. Nazmi goes to Lesbos to live the rest of his life on the Ayazma Farm. She marries the Thanksgiving she calls with. Şükran and Nazmi adopt Ayşe who is an orphan and an orphan.


After Naciye emanets death, Neyyir Bey, who took her daughter Jülide to Europe, dies and entrusts her daughter with Şükran and Nazmi before her death. Jülide comes to Ayazma Farm. She’s an overhead girl. Nazmi and the people of the farm do things that would contradict. Nazmi and Julius do not agree, every conversation is transformed into discussion.


But one day, although Nazmi banned him, he finds Jülide at his library. After that day, he begins to understand and he corrects the relationship between Nazmi and Julius. Now, Nazmi and Julius are more like friends than two girls. Jülide envied his brother-in-law, Silvi, and Nazan, whom they met in a theater in Istanbul. Nazmi meets Burhan Bey whom Jülide loves. However, Jülide leaves Burhan Bey. On Ayşe’s wedding night, Jülide commits suicide by throwing herself into the sea; but recovered. Ayse handed Nazmi the letter he wrote for his brother-in-law to be given after Jülide died before committing suicide. Jülide confesses his love for his brother-in-law. Nazmi admits to himself that she loved Julius. However, he does not tell Jülide that he has read the letter. Ayse returns the letter to Jülide. Julia is healed but not as cheerful as before. Nazmi marries Jülide to a good young man named İhsan. He’s got a house on Midillide for him. İhsan often visits Jülide and invites Jülide to the mansion by finding an excuse. İhsan’s business therefore decides to go to Baku in Baku. They come to Nazmi’s house one last time. Jülide is now accustomed to İhsan and has started to love him.


Author of the book: Halikarnas Fisherman



Subject of the book, Description:


The novel, published in 1945, reflects the general characteristics of the works of Halikarnas Balıkçısı. In the novel, the love of the sea, the attractiveness of the sea, the difficulties experienced by the seafarers, the beauties in general, the life in the sea is explained by a hero.


In the work, the sea was processed as a protagonist, so it was very popular when it was published. It’s written in memory.



Heroes of the Book, Persons, Person squad:


Mahmut: It is the novel of the novel. He’s the child of a sailor family. His father would never let him be a sailor. Filled with love for the sea, Mahmut resists all obstacles. It tells the childhood and youth. She does not like her school, her discipline and her established life.


Suleyman Captain: Mahmut’s father. He provides his livelihood by sea from his own ship. The difficulties she experienced at sea had cooled her from the sea. He is a hardworking, compassionate person who thinks of his family.


Kirpi Halil: This is the shoemaker’s work as an apprentice. Hedgehog Halil, who once marinated, lives with the longing of his past days.


Fatma: Mahmut’s childhood friend and his first love. He helps his father in shipping. Therefore, he is called the Male Fatma. She is a cheerful, active, industrious, brave girl.


Hakki Reis: Mahmut’s uncle. He is very miserly, he is a bad-hearted person who only thinks about money, does not give the right to employees.


Ayşe: It is the mixture of Mahmut. Brunette is a beautiful young girl. As the rich girl of the landlord, Mahmut has never suffered. He is authoritarian, cruel, beneficiary, who attaches great importance to money, who really loves Mahmut.



Synopsis of the book:



Mahmut goes to Milas with his father Süleyman Kaptan. When they arrive in Milas, their friends go to Fehmi, the Grocery Store. Grocery Fehmi finds Suleyman the Captain very changed. The joy and vitality in the eyes of Süleyman Kaptan disappeared.


Suleiman the Captain tells a sad incident that happened. The death of his brother David. A while ago, David, sailors on the boat was written to the Captain. On the same day, a great storm came, and everyone on the ship was on the ground. David sacrificed himself and tried to ensure the walking of the ship. In the meantime, the rando match, the wind blown off the head of David. The headless body of David falls on the Suleiman Captain, and there is blood everywhere.


After a while, they have to throw in the sea because they smell like a corpse. Suleiman Captain blames himself for this accident. Because a piece he didn’t tie enough caused David the death. She never forgives the sea, which prevents her from having a grave. That is why he does not want his son Mahmut to be a sailor. Grocery Fehmi is very sad for what happened. A day later, they return to Bodrum.


Süleyman Kaptan gives his son an apprentice to Hedgehog Halil. The store is a rather gloomy, dark, narrow place. The two shoppers are Bahçıvan Nusret Aga and Kasım Efendi. Both cannot see well. Nusret Aga is a poor person who has suffered many difficulties. Topal Murat, like Nusret Aga, is the one who has encountered the cruel side of life. His son ( is ignorant of Alis’s longing and does not know whether his son is alive or dead. Suleiman Captain, to keep his son away from shipping here has given. However, Khalil is a sea lover and constantly talks about the sea. He explains the shoes he repaired to march by saying the maritime terms. Mahmut, there’s dest with everybody. Especially the sea life told by Halil affects him very much.


Mahmut also continues to the neighborhood school. Mektebi and teacher at all, does not memorize the text he wants to memorize, so always scolding, sometimes beaten. Mahmut, while teaching the teacher is dreaming of the sea. The neighbors’ daughter and close friend Fatma are very upset with this situation. Nowadays, there will be an event that shakes Mahmut deeply. Topal Murat, whose life was in difficulty and burned with his longing, died.


Mahmut, again in the school was falaka. Fatma offers to come to the fishing with his father to come up. Mahmut agrees with great joy. At night, fishing in the sea is the most beautiful event for Mahmut. He gets a very hard time off from his father, and Fatma regains to the ocean where he misses the kayak with his father Atesoglu. They cannot catch enough fish because of the storm, and they reach the land by rowing. For the first time, Mahmut meets the vileness of the sea. Mahmut once again fishing with him once again realizes that the sea is indispensable for him. He leaves school.


Author of the Book: Ayşe KULİN


The book’s topic


This book is the story of the stormy life of Aylin DEVRİMEL, the daughter of a family whose roots lie in Giritli Deli Mustafa Naili Pasha.


Synopsis of the book:


After completing her college degree, Aylin went to Paris to complete her studies. afterward, his life passed from one end to the other, with a dizzying speed, married a Libyan prince, became a princess. He was a famous psychiatrist who studied medicine. He got married again and again, but he was bored of his marriage, becoming an officer in the US army with the rank of Colonel …



This book is the story of the tumultuous life of Aylin DEVRİMEL, who is the daughter of a family whose roots are Cretan Deli Mustafa Naili Pasha.


Aylin, a tall and tight girl in high school, became a beautiful girl, and one day, at the invitation of her aunt Esma, they met in a hotel in Paris, met an Arab who was told to be a prince, and at the end of the meeting she became a princess who marries the prince for a magnificent life. However, Prince Senusi did not go as he thinks, because he grew up with the eastern culture, Aylin was brought up with the Western culture. In time, Aylin’s freedom was being restricted. At the end of the summer, Aylin goes to Geneva with her sister Nilüfer.


She decides to study medicine, which is the ideal of living, and enrolls at the University of Neuchatel with great efforts. In his early years of school, he made a big change in his life, shattered from his glorious life and became a simple student. He worked hard to finish his only goal, the medical school, and later married Jean-Pierre, who helped in the physics and chemistry classes. This marriage of the two students will change the inner world as well as Aylin’s appearance in time.


Aylin Jean-Pierre on the days he lived with Jean-Pierre close together with the medical science to know the window of the horizon that never knew until a completely new world will open up to the real richness of the outside world, not in the grandeur of humanity, but in the inner realm of humanity. At the end of the school, Jean-Pierre Nos received an offer from the nuclear research center in Alamus that he could not refuse. Aylin received an offer from New Rachel Hospital Medical Center; their responsibility towards one another is now over. Only six years of this marriage in their hands remained solid memories of solid solidarity and solid friendship.


Aylin took this job very seriously. New Rachel’ta meet his young colleague from Afghanistan Azim’ın Zeynep since the age of 11 friend has been STYLE. Aylin, Zeynep and Azim go to the Afghan dissatisfaction cocktail Paswak called the United Nations Afghan prisoner. Although Paswak was married, there was an emotional relationship with Aylin. Aylin spent his mind in five times that year. They spent all their time together.


Paswak was first appointed as the Secretary General of the United Nations in Wall Dame and then in 1974 as the ambassador of India.


Aylin finally began to see that destiny is knitting their nets with more or less stringent ropes; either the world would go around in pursuit of the man he loved or he would take the profession to the fore. He was promoted to Chief of Psychiatry in the Hospital when he said that he was not worth it. Eventually Aylinips common sense prevailed. Aylin, the injured bar bird played for a very short time then recovered and returned to the work. He met his colleague Michel RAMODİSLİ with his friend Azim.


Although he did not find Michel very impressive, they threw the first steps into marriage at Michel’s house. Later, Aylin began to ask the child to be mad. Aylin’in this request to be born according to Michel religion and traditions of the child to be born according to the Jewish culture, but he did not even Aylin trouble to change his religion (information spectrum) took. According to Aylin, it was ridiculous to separate people according to their religion, race and language. According to him, human beings were invaluable to people because his love of humanity could not prevent a religion or race.


Aylin was always at work together with Michel a colleague, homes, in short, all the time was passing together after a certain period of time together with each other so much together that they were very tight Aylin’i were breaking apart and one day Aylin to her husband to allow each other on certain days of the week to let each other these days different people would come up with this result as a result of other people will see the deficiencies themselves and would connect with each other with immortal love. Aylin, however, did not think that on one of his days, Michel met a woman named Barbara in a friend’s house, and this meeting brought an end to their marriage.


The book’s topic:


In Acımak, the tragic adventure of Zehra Hanım, a well-known headteacher, is voiced. The cleansing, sacrifice sickness has killed the most precious talent of humanity in its ability to mercy. An emotional, wide-spirited woman loves crazy, beautiful, right, clean things. But he doesn’t pity the fever, the devotion and the ugliness. There is no justification for a wickedness. The novel of a beautiful emotion that has impressed all people.


Synopsis of the book:



Zehra is a very hard-working, disciplined teacher who stands behind her own decisions. He has made a lot of innovations at his school and has changed many things that are not appropriate in his school. He tried to repair the school which had been broken. She was interested in her clothes, her hair and her second mothers.


But his only flaw is the lack of pity. Zaafa does not pity the devotion. Due to these features, the director of the department wanted to introduce Şerif Halil Bey to his deputies. Of course, the main purpose of Zehra’ya to tell his father is sick. The two of them go to Zehra’s school together. First they talk to him about school students. Zehra laughs as he gazes around his hard-working students. But when speaking of lazy, weak students, her face changes and she acts as if she is talking about a suspect. He talks about this matter for hours with the director and deputy but somehow he does not give up this idea. The director of the teaching gives a good example when discussing this issue.


He tells Zehra this example. He tells a little girl to be charged with theft. Zehra immediately intervenes and intervenes. Yes, he starts to yell at the fact that he was a thief and does not want them to defend. Director of Education opens the subject. They just trick a thief in front of that house door and tell someone to stop by. He believes, caught the guard during the incident. Then it is delivered to the police.


The police try to make him talk, but he won’t talk. He laughs at the poison and says, ‘If they were a thief, they would not give them their names.’ The police offers him double the money he gets and he won’t take them again. They make fun of Zehra by saying she was a thief. Zehra closes the incident and doesn’t want to talk about it again.


Laf comes to Zehra’s father. But he doesn’t want to talk. They say his father is ill, but he doesn’t want to go see his father. Finally, at the insistence of the director, he agrees to see his father and takes the path of Istanbul. That evening the train journey begins.


Every time he closes his eyes, he remembers what happened during his childhood. How the father comes home, drunk, his sister is passing in front of their eyes is a torture. Each time his dick to his father increases a fold. Finally the train journey was finished and his father went home. Silence prevails in the house. She meets an old man with a woman.


Zehra seems very calm when talking to people at home. In fact, they exhibit a cheerful attitude. They give their actions to road fatigue. They then tell Zehra that he has a crate from his father and that he should open it. Then zehra opens the chest and comes out a day. Start reading the diary. In the first pages of the diary, he mentions that his father was a new officer and that he had a good fortune. The work in it mentions the determination, honor, honor, and mentions the work life of the father at the first place of assignment as the pages progress.


He says that his father worked hard during the first years of his duty and even wrote down a number of things to do on his desk. These are commitment to the task, not to take bribes. One day his father decides to marry and marry a girl. He stays with them.


Zehra’s father, Mürşit Bey, constantly tells us about how well they are perfect human beings. These people are dragging him to the west. When people start to argue with people at work, the reason is that they do not do it before doing their jobs. Since his mother-in-law knows him very well, he knows how to deceive him. My son doesn’t need to, but I don’t know who’s dress like this. Of course, when you hear this talk, the murshit takes the same dress that goes right away. Mürşit master is very borrowed. They’re in the debt swamp.


One day, his mother-in-law mislead Mürşit to go to Istanbul. Let’s live there, that’s our country. say the words. The room attempts to take the appointment immediately. A friend tells her that he is going to help her and her mother and father are very bad people and she tells her mother that she is in trouble and tells them that worse things will happen if they go to Istanbul.


Author: Fahri Erdinç


Number of Pages: 272


The subject of the work: The work, the path of a young man looking for the path of thirty years, tells about the troubles and unhappiness.


Main Idea of ​​the work: People should have a purpose in their lives and act in accordance with these aims. No wind can blow a ship that doesn’t know the direction to go.


Summary of the novel



Three friends are dissatisfied with their lives. secretly pass from Turkey to Bulgaria to make their lives meaningful. However, when the district headman of the district is asked about their purpose of coming to Bulgaria, they are alarmed. Mustafa begins to tell the story of his young life.


Mustafa lost his mother when he was very young. He has an older sister named Ferit and an older sister named Emine. His father is an assistant teacher. The family has great economic difficulties. Her father could not support the house. His father Halil Hodja goes into the tobacco business. But it cannot be successful. His brother Ferit secretly leaves the house and wins a teacher’s school in Urla. However, shortly after, his brother gets his mother’s illness and dies. Emine wins the İzmir Teacher Training School for Girls. Mustafa wants to go to school where his brother Urla. Because maternal and paternal father, often beat him.


Mustafa’s barely finishes the school he went to study. However, his father is not satisfied with being a teacher. He thinks that teaching won’t have any income for him. The first of its kind is a district of Afyon. But the people are ignorant. He sends his children not to the school but to the imam of the mosque. Mustafa is faithful and determined. However, his stubbornness and determination do not work much for him.


II. The misery, poverty and poverty brought by World War I affected everyone as well. Leaves teaching for a while. He wants to be a theater actor. His father is against it again. But it cannot be prevented. There he meets celebrities such as Sebahattin Ali and Muhsin Ertuğrul. Mustafa begins to write stories. His mentor is Sebahattin Ali. But the stories he wrote are trouble. He’il go to jail. He was very overwhelmed during this period. After a three-month prison marathon, he makes a wrong marriage. He can’t stand the events he’s been through. He decides to draw a new path for himself.


The village headman of the village they want to entertain their guests in the best way. They all take the path of Sofia.


The author tells the story as if it were the beginning. In other words, landa I language ini in the foreground. In addition, there is a narrative in the eyes of an invisible person.


Reader Assessment


The point I find successful in the narrative of the author is that the narration is fluent and immersive. The reader can easily read the book without being bored. However, we can criticize the opposite of Turkish custom, custom, morality. I also think that such books should not be read by young people who are new to puberty and who try to find their personality. Therefore, it is not suitable for our target audience.


But in general terms, I think it’s not a book to read. Because the writer has a very good sense of curiosity to the novel. This situation is of interest to the reader. There are political elements in the novel. However, every social, political event should be evaluated within the conditions of the period in which it lived. I can also say, however, that there is no such justification.


Les Misérables ist ein Roman von Victor Hugo aus dem Jahr 1862.

Les Miserables

Jan Valjean, ein armer Bauer, stahl seiner Familie ein Laib Brot, wurde wegen Paddelns verurteilt, weil er wiederholt versucht hatte zu fliehen. Nach 19 Jahren Haft verlor er seinen Glauben und wurde mit Wut und Hass in die Gesellschaft entlassen. Im Dorf von “D”, wo er in einem erbärmlichen Zustand herkam, wurde er von der Güte erleuchtet, die er im Bischof der Stadt sah.

Valjean, der seine Karriere als gütiger Mensch mit moralischer Tugend und Tugend begann, lebt jetzt im Norden Frankreichs und stellt billige Schmuckherstellung her. Er hat die Vergangenheit versteckt, ist reich geworden und hat die Liebe aller gewonnen und ist Bürgermeister der Stadt geworden. Detective Javert, der von Valjeans Vergangenheit verdächtigt wird, beginnt mit der Forschung und kommt nach dem Diebstahl in der “D” -Stadt an. Wegen der Ähnlichkeit der Namen wurde jedoch anstelle von Jan Valjean ein anderer verhaftet. Die Angelegenheit ist abgeschlossen. Die Moral von Valjean erlaubt jedoch nicht, dass jemand anderes an seiner Stelle eingesperrt wird. Es ergibt sich und wird zur Schaufel zurückgeschickt.

Valjean, dem einige Jahre später noch einmal die Flucht gelang, bevor er sich ergab, kaufte sein Geld, das er mit seinem Heiligtum verdient hatte. Er fand Fantianas Tochter Cosette und begann, als Gärtner in einem Kloster zu arbeiten. Sein Adoptivsohn Cosette besucht die Nonnenschule. Inspektor Javert scheint gerettet worden zu sein, Jan Valjean. Dieses ruhige Leben verändert sich, da Cosette ein schönes junges Mädchen ist. Sein Vater war Soldat in der napoleonischen Armee; Sie ist verliebt in Marius, Colette. Marius wurde von seinem reichen Großvater großgezogen und stand auf der Seite der Sozialisten, die 1832 rebellierten. So ist Jan Valjean, der immer recht hatte. Wenn Paris mit Blut gespült wird, stehen sich Javert und Jan Valjean gegenüber. Valjean wird Javerts Leben schonen. Javert begeht jedoch Selbstmord, wenn alle Werte, die er glaubt, angesichts dieses erhabenen Volontariats zerstört wurden. Die Situation der Rebellen ist nicht besonders gut. Marius ist schwer verletzt und wird von Valjean gerettet. Als Valjean weiß, dass Cosette diesen jungen Mann liebt, möchte er nicht, dass er als Tochter eines alten Häftlings der Schaufel bekannt ist und verschwindet. Aber Marius erfuhr, dass Valjean ihr Leben retten konnte. Die beiden Jugendlichen laufen zu Valjean, der seine letzten Momente lebt.

Jan Valjan wird für fünf Jahre mit einer Schaufel bestraft, weil er Brot gestohlen hat. Weil er mehrmals versucht hatte zu fliehen, wurde seine Strafe verschärft und er wurde 19 Jahre inhaftiert. Jan Valjan, ein sehr starker Mann, scheint im Gefängnis seine guten Gefühle verloren zu haben. Nachdem er aus dem Gefängnis entlassen wurde, behandeln ihn alle wegen des Dokuments, für das er verurteilt wurde, schlecht. Der Priester nimmt sie auf. Er stahl Besteck aus dem Haus. Aber er wird erwischt. Der Priester beschwert sich nicht und bittet ihn, zwei silberne Kerzenständer-Geschenke auszugeben, um ein ehrenwerter Mann zu sein. Dieses Ereignis ist ein Wendepunkt für Jan Valjan. Madlen ist der Name des Geschäftslebens, reich. Helfen einer gefallenen, aber geistig sauberen Frau und ihrer Tochter Fanten.

Der Polizeiinspektor Javer wundert sich, dass Madlen, der plötzlich auftaucht und reich an Zeit ist, “Vater” nennt und erkennt, dass Madlen Baba tatsächlich Jan Valjan ist und Jan Vanjan denunziert. Es wird jedoch vom Gericht entschieden, dass jemand namens Jan Valjan Unrecht hat. Madlen Baba (Jan Valjan), der das gelernt hat, gibt auf und nimmt den Gefangenen Jan Valjan ins Gefängnis. Nach einer Nacht im Gefängnis rennt er davon und springt von einem Hafen über Bord und jeder denkt, er sei tot. Aber Inspektor Javer glaubt nicht. Jan Valjan findet Fantens Tochter Kozet und erhebt sie, um ihr Versprechen gegenüber Fanten zu halten.

Inspektor Javer folgt ihnen. Jan Valjan, der versteht, dass er verfolgt wird, entkommt, gibt Kozet eine Einstiegskirche und wird Assistent des Gärtners. Mr. Jilnorman erhebt seinen Enkel Maryus. Marymar arbeitete als Anwältin und blieb bei ihrem Großvater. Aufgrund einer Diskussion verließ Maryus jedoch das Haus ihres Großvaters und blieb eine Weile im Hotel Sen-Jak. Maryus verließ das Hotel, um sich Geld zu leihen. Kurfeyrak’ın zog in den Raum und schloss die Ausbildung ab und wurde Rechtsanwalt. Eines Tages, während der Maryus durch den Park von Luxemburg wandert, sieht er Kozet und verliebt sich auf den ersten Blick in ihn. Er kommt jeden Tag in diesen Park, um ihn zu sehen. Als Jan Valjan diese Beziehung zwischen Janus und Kozet bemerkt, möchte sie diese Beziehung nicht und sie ziehen aus ihren Häusern aus. Aber Maryus findet sie wieder und Maryus und Kozet treffen sich im Geheimen.