The book’s topic:


In Acımak, the tragic adventure of Zehra Hanım, a well-known headteacher, is voiced. The cleansing, sacrifice sickness has killed the most precious talent of humanity in its ability to mercy. An emotional, wide-spirited woman loves crazy, beautiful, right, clean things. But he doesn’t pity the fever, the devotion and the ugliness. There is no justification for a wickedness. The novel of a beautiful emotion that has impressed all people.


Synopsis of the book:



Zehra is a very hard-working, disciplined teacher who stands behind her own decisions. He has made a lot of innovations at his school and has changed many things that are not appropriate in his school. He tried to repair the school which had been broken. She was interested in her clothes, her hair and her second mothers.


But his only flaw is the lack of pity. Zaafa does not pity the devotion. Due to these features, the director of the department wanted to introduce Şerif Halil Bey to his deputies. Of course, the main purpose of Zehra’ya to tell his father is sick. The two of them go to Zehra’s school together. First they talk to him about school students. Zehra laughs as he gazes around his hard-working students. But when speaking of lazy, weak students, her face changes and she acts as if she is talking about a suspect. He talks about this matter for hours with the director and deputy but somehow he does not give up this idea. The director of the teaching gives a good example when discussing this issue.


He tells Zehra this example. He tells a little girl to be charged with theft. Zehra immediately intervenes and intervenes. Yes, he starts to yell at the fact that he was a thief and does not want them to defend. Director of Education opens the subject. They just trick a thief in front of that house door and tell someone to stop by. He believes, caught the guard during the incident. Then it is delivered to the police.


The police try to make him talk, but he won’t talk. He laughs at the poison and says, ‘If they were a thief, they would not give them their names.’ The police offers him double the money he gets and he won’t take them again. They make fun of Zehra by saying she was a thief. Zehra closes the incident and doesn’t want to talk about it again.


Laf comes to Zehra’s father. But he doesn’t want to talk. They say his father is ill, but he doesn’t want to go see his father. Finally, at the insistence of the director, he agrees to see his father and takes the path of Istanbul. That evening the train journey begins.


Every time he closes his eyes, he remembers what happened during his childhood. How the father comes home, drunk, his sister is passing in front of their eyes is a torture. Each time his dick to his father increases a fold. Finally the train journey was finished and his father went home. Silence prevails in the house. She meets an old man with a woman.


Zehra seems very calm when talking to people at home. In fact, they exhibit a cheerful attitude. They give their actions to road fatigue. They then tell Zehra that he has a crate from his father and that he should open it. Then zehra opens the chest and comes out a day. Start reading the diary. In the first pages of the diary, he mentions that his father was a new officer and that he had a good fortune. The work in it mentions the determination, honor, honor, and mentions the work life of the father at the first place of assignment as the pages progress.


He says that his father worked hard during the first years of his duty and even wrote down a number of things to do on his desk. These are commitment to the task, not to take bribes. One day his father decides to marry and marry a girl. He stays with them.


Zehra’s father, Mürşit Bey, constantly tells us about how well they are perfect human beings. These people are dragging him to the west. When people start to argue with people at work, the reason is that they do not do it before doing their jobs. Since his mother-in-law knows him very well, he knows how to deceive him. My son doesn’t need to, but I don’t know who’s dress like this. Of course, when you hear this talk, the murshit takes the same dress that goes right away. Mürşit master is very borrowed. They’re in the debt swamp.


One day, his mother-in-law mislead Mürşit to go to Istanbul. Let’s live there, that’s our country. say the words. The room attempts to take the appointment immediately. A friend tells her that he is going to help her and her mother and father are very bad people and she tells her mother that she is in trouble and tells them that worse things will happen if they go to Istanbul.