Author: Fahri Erdinç


Number of Pages: 272


The subject of the work: The work, the path of a young man looking for the path of thirty years, tells about the troubles and unhappiness.


Main Idea of ​​the work: People should have a purpose in their lives and act in accordance with these aims. No wind can blow a ship that doesn’t know the direction to go.


Summary of the novel



Three friends are dissatisfied with their lives. secretly pass from Turkey to Bulgaria to make their lives meaningful. However, when the district headman of the district is asked about their purpose of coming to Bulgaria, they are alarmed. Mustafa begins to tell the story of his young life.


Mustafa lost his mother when he was very young. He has an older sister named Ferit and an older sister named Emine. His father is an assistant teacher. The family has great economic difficulties. Her father could not support the house. His father Halil Hodja goes into the tobacco business. But it cannot be successful. His brother Ferit secretly leaves the house and wins a teacher’s school in Urla. However, shortly after, his brother gets his mother’s illness and dies. Emine wins the İzmir Teacher Training School for Girls. Mustafa wants to go to school where his brother Urla. Because maternal and paternal father, often beat him.


Mustafa’s barely finishes the school he went to study. However, his father is not satisfied with being a teacher. He thinks that teaching won’t have any income for him. The first of its kind is a district of Afyon. But the people are ignorant. He sends his children not to the school but to the imam of the mosque. Mustafa is faithful and determined. However, his stubbornness and determination do not work much for him.


II. The misery, poverty and poverty brought by World War I affected everyone as well. Leaves teaching for a while. He wants to be a theater actor. His father is against it again. But it cannot be prevented. There he meets celebrities such as Sebahattin Ali and Muhsin Ertuğrul. Mustafa begins to write stories. His mentor is Sebahattin Ali. But the stories he wrote are trouble. He’il go to jail. He was very overwhelmed during this period. After a three-month prison marathon, he makes a wrong marriage. He can’t stand the events he’s been through. He decides to draw a new path for himself.


The village headman of the village they want to entertain their guests in the best way. They all take the path of Sofia.


The author tells the story as if it were the beginning. In other words, landa I language ini in the foreground. In addition, there is a narrative in the eyes of an invisible person.


Reader Assessment


The point I find successful in the narrative of the author is that the narration is fluent and immersive. The reader can easily read the book without being bored. However, we can criticize the opposite of Turkish custom, custom, morality. I also think that such books should not be read by young people who are new to puberty and who try to find their personality. Therefore, it is not suitable for our target audience.


But in general terms, I think it’s not a book to read. Because the writer has a very good sense of curiosity to the novel. This situation is of interest to the reader. There are political elements in the novel. However, every social, political event should be evaluated within the conditions of the period in which it lived. I can also say, however, that there is no such justification.