Author of the Book: Ayşe KULİN


The book’s topic


This book is the story of the stormy life of Aylin DEVRİMEL, the daughter of a family whose roots lie in Giritli Deli Mustafa Naili Pasha.


Synopsis of the book:


After completing her college degree, Aylin went to Paris to complete her studies. afterward, his life passed from one end to the other, with a dizzying speed, married a Libyan prince, became a princess. He was a famous psychiatrist who studied medicine. He got married again and again, but he was bored of his marriage, becoming an officer in the US army with the rank of Colonel …



This book is the story of the tumultuous life of Aylin DEVRİMEL, who is the daughter of a family whose roots are Cretan Deli Mustafa Naili Pasha.


Aylin, a tall and tight girl in high school, became a beautiful girl, and one day, at the invitation of her aunt Esma, they met in a hotel in Paris, met an Arab who was told to be a prince, and at the end of the meeting she became a princess who marries the prince for a magnificent life. However, Prince Senusi did not go as he thinks, because he grew up with the eastern culture, Aylin was brought up with the Western culture. In time, Aylin’s freedom was being restricted. At the end of the summer, Aylin goes to Geneva with her sister Nilüfer.


She decides to study medicine, which is the ideal of living, and enrolls at the University of Neuchatel with great efforts. In his early years of school, he made a big change in his life, shattered from his glorious life and became a simple student. He worked hard to finish his only goal, the medical school, and later married Jean-Pierre, who helped in the physics and chemistry classes. This marriage of the two students will change the inner world as well as Aylin’s appearance in time.


Aylin Jean-Pierre on the days he lived with Jean-Pierre close together with the medical science to know the window of the horizon that never knew until a completely new world will open up to the real richness of the outside world, not in the grandeur of humanity, but in the inner realm of humanity. At the end of the school, Jean-Pierre Nos received an offer from the nuclear research center in Alamus that he could not refuse. Aylin received an offer from New Rachel Hospital Medical Center; their responsibility towards one another is now over. Only six years of this marriage in their hands remained solid memories of solid solidarity and solid friendship.


Aylin took this job very seriously. New Rachel’ta meet his young colleague from Afghanistan Azim’ın Zeynep since the age of 11 friend has been STYLE. Aylin, Zeynep and Azim go to the Afghan dissatisfaction cocktail Paswak called the United Nations Afghan prisoner. Although Paswak was married, there was an emotional relationship with Aylin. Aylin spent his mind in five times that year. They spent all their time together.


Paswak was first appointed as the Secretary General of the United Nations in Wall Dame and then in 1974 as the ambassador of India.


Aylin finally began to see that destiny is knitting their nets with more or less stringent ropes; either the world would go around in pursuit of the man he loved or he would take the profession to the fore. He was promoted to Chief of Psychiatry in the Hospital when he said that he was not worth it. Eventually Aylinips common sense prevailed. Aylin, the injured bar bird played for a very short time then recovered and returned to the work. He met his colleague Michel RAMODİSLİ with his friend Azim.


Although he did not find Michel very impressive, they threw the first steps into marriage at Michel’s house. Later, Aylin began to ask the child to be mad. Aylin’in this request to be born according to Michel religion and traditions of the child to be born according to the Jewish culture, but he did not even Aylin trouble to change his religion (information spectrum) took. According to Aylin, it was ridiculous to separate people according to their religion, race and language. According to him, human beings were invaluable to people because his love of humanity could not prevent a religion or race.


Aylin was always at work together with Michel a colleague, homes, in short, all the time was passing together after a certain period of time together with each other so much together that they were very tight Aylin’i were breaking apart and one day Aylin to her husband to allow each other on certain days of the week to let each other these days different people would come up with this result as a result of other people will see the deficiencies themselves and would connect with each other with immortal love. Aylin, however, did not think that on one of his days, Michel met a woman named Barbara in a friend’s house, and this meeting brought an end to their marriage.