Author of the book: Halikarnas Fisherman



Subject of the book, Description:


The novel, published in 1945, reflects the general characteristics of the works of Halikarnas Balıkçısı. In the novel, the love of the sea, the attractiveness of the sea, the difficulties experienced by the seafarers, the beauties in general, the life in the sea is explained by a hero.


In the work, the sea was processed as a protagonist, so it was very popular when it was published. It’s written in memory.



Heroes of the Book, Persons, Person squad:


Mahmut: It is the novel of the novel. He’s the child of a sailor family. His father would never let him be a sailor. Filled with love for the sea, Mahmut resists all obstacles. It tells the childhood and youth. She does not like her school, her discipline and her established life.


Suleyman Captain: Mahmut’s father. He provides his livelihood by sea from his own ship. The difficulties she experienced at sea had cooled her from the sea. He is a hardworking, compassionate person who thinks of his family.


Kirpi Halil: This is the shoemaker’s work as an apprentice. Hedgehog Halil, who once marinated, lives with the longing of his past days.


Fatma: Mahmut’s childhood friend and his first love. He helps his father in shipping. Therefore, he is called the Male Fatma. She is a cheerful, active, industrious, brave girl.


Hakki Reis: Mahmut’s uncle. He is very miserly, he is a bad-hearted person who only thinks about money, does not give the right to employees.


Ayşe: It is the mixture of Mahmut. Brunette is a beautiful young girl. As the rich girl of the landlord, Mahmut has never suffered. He is authoritarian, cruel, beneficiary, who attaches great importance to money, who really loves Mahmut.



Synopsis of the book:



Mahmut goes to Milas with his father Süleyman Kaptan. When they arrive in Milas, their friends go to Fehmi, the Grocery Store. Grocery Fehmi finds Suleyman the Captain very changed. The joy and vitality in the eyes of Süleyman Kaptan disappeared.


Suleiman the Captain tells a sad incident that happened. The death of his brother David. A while ago, David, sailors on the boat was written to the Captain. On the same day, a great storm came, and everyone on the ship was on the ground. David sacrificed himself and tried to ensure the walking of the ship. In the meantime, the rando match, the wind blown off the head of David. The headless body of David falls on the Suleiman Captain, and there is blood everywhere.


After a while, they have to throw in the sea because they smell like a corpse. Suleiman Captain blames himself for this accident. Because a piece he didn’t tie enough caused David the death. She never forgives the sea, which prevents her from having a grave. That is why he does not want his son Mahmut to be a sailor. Grocery Fehmi is very sad for what happened. A day later, they return to Bodrum.


Süleyman Kaptan gives his son an apprentice to Hedgehog Halil. The store is a rather gloomy, dark, narrow place. The two shoppers are Bahçıvan Nusret Aga and Kasım Efendi. Both cannot see well. Nusret Aga is a poor person who has suffered many difficulties. Topal Murat, like Nusret Aga, is the one who has encountered the cruel side of life. His son ( is ignorant of Alis’s longing and does not know whether his son is alive or dead. Suleiman Captain, to keep his son away from shipping here has given. However, Khalil is a sea lover and constantly talks about the sea. He explains the shoes he repaired to march by saying the maritime terms. Mahmut, there’s dest with everybody. Especially the sea life told by Halil affects him very much.


Mahmut also continues to the neighborhood school. Mektebi and teacher at all, does not memorize the text he wants to memorize, so always scolding, sometimes beaten. Mahmut, while teaching the teacher is dreaming of the sea. The neighbors’ daughter and close friend Fatma are very upset with this situation. Nowadays, there will be an event that shakes Mahmut deeply. Topal Murat, whose life was in difficulty and burned with his longing, died.


Mahmut, again in the school was falaka. Fatma offers to come to the fishing with his father to come up. Mahmut agrees with great joy. At night, fishing in the sea is the most beautiful event for Mahmut. He gets a very hard time off from his father, and Fatma regains to the ocean where he misses the kayak with his father Atesoglu. They cannot catch enough fish because of the storm, and they reach the land by rowing. For the first time, Mahmut meets the vileness of the sea. Mahmut once again fishing with him once again realizes that the sea is indispensable for him. He leaves school.