Summary of the novel


As a doctor of government, he visited Ayazma Farm owner Nazmi Bey while he was going on an inspection visit under the guidance of Doctor Kemal Bey Hacı İsmail Çavuş who came to Midilli Island. Nazmi Bey is a loved one who is likened to the prophet by his kindness in the whole island. Kemal Bey became a friend with Nazmi in a short time. However, Kemal Bey is appointed to Erzurum after four and a half months. After doing 2 and a half years there, he is assigned to Rhodes again. As soon as he starts work, he visits the island of Lesbos. On a foggy and rainy evening Nazmi Bey. Nazmi Bey is shaking in wet clothes. Kemal Bey takes Nazmi to his car and takes her to his hostel. Nazmi Bey insists on confessing his own life and suffering to Kemal Bey and starts to explain it.



Nazmi Bey is a child who doesn’t sleep on her day when she is little. When his mother died of typhoid from a young age, his father, a sickly man, settled down at the Ayazma Farm on the island of Mytilene. When he was 8, he sent him to Galatasaray. Nazmi spends her holidays with her uncle. His father dies. He starts to stay with his uncle.


Nazmi is a moving child who doesn’t fit. His uncle does his best for his education. Nazmi wants to be a soldier and enters Harbiye. Then he goes to France to complete his education. He has a little reputation for being adventurous and adventurous there. After returning to his hometown in Camlica for a few months to stay with his uncle. In the mansion, there is only Şükran and Gülizar kalfa and an old valet. In the autumn of that year they appointed Nazmi to Damascus. Because of the issues brought to Jerusalem is sent. He goes to Akka with a new duty due to his dauntiness there. From here it goes to the monastery. He stays here with his friend Abraham. Nazmi went to bid a friend of his former lover in the station, and after him goes to Istanbul. Then he was sent to France as a firemilitary. However, before going to September, he gets permission to stay with his uncle. Nukiye’nın Naciye’nın Neyiye Bey, Neyiye Bey’s husband Neyyir Bey is assassinated before Nazmi comes to the mansion but does not die. When he comes to the mansion he learns from Şükran the inner face of the incident. Naciye wanted to kill her husband (who has a flinging). Therefore, Naciye is involved in nerve disease. It’s autumn. Nazmi is closely interested in Jülide, the daughter of Naciye. Nazmi falls in love with Nazan who comes to visit the mansion and is friend of Thanksgiving. On the pretext of wandering Jülide, he goes to his villa and tells each other his feelings through Jülide. When he returns from Europe, they contract to marry.


The train to France is stopped in Edirne. Nazmi meets Abraham there. Abraham introduced him to Nusret Bey, the District Governor, whom he had heard earlier. Nazmi refuses to go to France and joins Abraham’s gang. Nusret Bey and his gang are ambushed. Nazmi is wounded, Abraham stays in the hospital. He understands the letters of his uncle and Naciye from the letter written by Şükran. Nazmi goes to the mansion in Çamlıca after she leaves the hospital and she receives Thanksgiving treatment for her illness. Due to Nazmi disease, he has to leave his military service. Nazan finishes his relationship with him because of Nazmi’s illness. Nazmi goes to Lesbos to live the rest of his life on the Ayazma Farm. She marries the Thanksgiving she calls with. Şükran and Nazmi adopt Ayşe who is an orphan and an orphan.


After Naciye emanets death, Neyyir Bey, who took her daughter Jülide to Europe, dies and entrusts her daughter with Şükran and Nazmi before her death. Jülide comes to Ayazma Farm. She’s an overhead girl. Nazmi and the people of the farm do things that would contradict. Nazmi and Julius do not agree, every conversation is transformed into discussion.


But one day, although Nazmi banned him, he finds Jülide at his library. After that day, he begins to understand and he corrects the relationship between Nazmi and Julius. Now, Nazmi and Julius are more like friends than two girls. Jülide envied his brother-in-law, Silvi, and Nazan, whom they met in a theater in Istanbul. Nazmi meets Burhan Bey whom Jülide loves. However, Jülide leaves Burhan Bey. On Ayşe’s wedding night, Jülide commits suicide by throwing herself into the sea; but recovered. Ayse handed Nazmi the letter he wrote for his brother-in-law to be given after Jülide died before committing suicide. Jülide confesses his love for his brother-in-law. Nazmi admits to himself that she loved Julius. However, he does not tell Jülide that he has read the letter. Ayse returns the letter to Jülide. Julia is healed but not as cheerful as before. Nazmi marries Jülide to a good young man named İhsan. He’s got a house on Midillide for him. İhsan often visits Jülide and invites Jülide to the mansion by finding an excuse. İhsan’s business therefore decides to go to Baku in Baku. They come to Nazmi’s house one last time. Jülide is now accustomed to İhsan and has started to love him.